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As your local Dallas CPA, we offer professional accounting and bookkeeping solutions customized to meet each client’s sophisticated accounting needs. At Gurian PLLC, we recognize that your financial information needs to be delivered to you in an accurate and timely manner so that you can manage your business or businesses, and we are committed to helping you do just that. Our CPA firm will help guide your organization toward overcoming challenges and achieving your goals in today’s fast-paced business environment. We will help keep your business, accounts, and your future strong.

Specific accounting and bookkeeping services include:

Business Accounting
As a business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.

Account Reconciliation
Gurian PLLC, Dallas CPA Firm offers many accounting services including account reconciliation and monthly bookkeeping to keep your business on track.

Financial Statements
Gurian PLLC Dallas CPA Firm prepares a wide array of financial statements to your business, including: Balance Sheets, Income Statements (also known as Profit & Loss Statements), Cash Flow Statements, and Statement of Retained Earnings.

Gurian PLLC’s payroll services are tailored to your business needs. We provide direct deposit, printed checks, payroll tax returns, 1099s and w-2s. Call for a free consultation.

Audits – Reviews – Compilations
Your stockholders, creditors, or private investors have different levels of risk tolerance, so we provide three levels of assurance to meet your needs.

Part-Time CFO Service
Our Part-Time CFO service gives you a professional financial manager who works with you to help guide your business to success.

Cash Flow Management
A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating. It can even kill your business. The starting point for avoiding a cash crisis is allowing us to develop a cash flow projection for you.

Bank Financing
Requesting a business loan without adequate preparation sends a clear message to the lender: High Risk! It pays to be prepared and organized in your approach for financing.

Strategic Business Planning
If you still have all your plans and ideas locked up inside your head, preparing a strategic plan can help you clarify your company’s direction.

Succession Planning
Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next.

New Business Formation
Opening your own business is exciting and thrilling. It’s everything that comes after the excitement and thrill has worn off that dictates whether a small business will make it or not.

Non-Profit Organizations
The IRS uses very specific revenue and expense classifications to determine if your organization will retain its tax-exempt status.

Internal Controls
We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures, then we make recommendations that help your company become stronger.

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